Summer in the city

Southbank lady

Southbank lady

Come the summer, part of London’s Southbank is transformed into a seaside-like venue with fun and frolics, a sandy area and quadrangle of fountains. On hot days kids arrive in bathers with buckets and spades. In the midst of it a lady sits alone.

Buses wait for no man

Shopper on Rye Lane

The buses were stacked up on Rye Lane in Peckham so I had to belt along past two buses to reach the one I wanted. En route I spotted this gentleman and quickly snapped him. His stylish headdress is, I imagine, from Afghanistan. I thought about asking his permission to photograph him full-on, but buses wait for no man. As it happens the driver shut the door just as I got there and motioned for me to return to the bus-stop so I ran back there and he kindly reopened the door.