Zebra and the wheelchair

What’s a blog for except to self-promote and occasionally comment on the state of things. Here goes with a mix of both. Previously (see below) I expressed the hope that dire promises for 2017 wouldn’t come to pass. How forlorn is that? Trump, a man with less culture than a pot of factory-made yogurt, has been let out of the box. Poor America, poor us. Meanwhile, the UK is busting up like a fat lady in a tight dress. And who is running the show to leave our partners in Europe? Why, it’s a sad and sorry remnant of Thatcher’s government. Tired old men and a few women, one of them acting as prime minister. Things seem to be slipping further out of our control, we’re left with marching and beating up on social media. If I could bring something back to the life politic it would be kindness.

Almost forgot the self-promotion. Perhaps I’ll leave that for another time.

A slow crossing

Yawning closet

There’s a new petition doing the rounds to give women’s contribution to politics – the way we live now! – a higher profile in the education of A-level students. Seems the government is attempting to squeeze women into a closet, labelled ‘not really important’. Reminds me of the passionate suffragette, Emily Wilding Davison, who spent the night in a broom cupboard in the House of Commons (coinciding with 1911 census) in her campaign for women’s right to vote. And now the closet yawns again.