Voting may soon be made illegal

Depending on your politics the election will have left you feeling cast down or jubilant. Personally, I’m stunned. But cheered that here in multi-cultural Peckham/Nunhead we have voted a fetching shade of Red – Harriet Harman was returned with an increased majority – eschewed the Blues, the Yellows and the smelly Kippers. Hurrah. Now what? A revolution, please.




Here’s a message from a wall in Peckham. Great – let’s all give voice and paint to our opinions.


peck-grafitti_72There’s nothing lovey-dovey about this. It’s a piece of wall art in Peckham and has been defaced/tagged by someone who is into graffiti. So, what’s going on? The bow and arrow are very big and, surely, the arrow would cause serious damage. And why is the man being shot at from behind? This is no inducement to love. It’s an attack and the intention is to cause harm. No wonder he’s fleeing. And who is he? Looks like a sleight-of-hand, fleet-of-foot banker to me. And what’s in his case? Securities? Our security? Not that, existentially, security exists. But if someone runs off with your money there’s a lot less of it… security that is. That which doesn’t… oh, never mind.