Desmond’s barbershop

desmond'sAre you familiar with Desmond’s, the Channel Four sitcom – its longest-ever-running sitcom – and still available for viewing on 4OD? Well, it was inspired by a real barbershop in Peckham. I am exhibiting photos I took over a period of three visits, 2009/10. It was a gloriously ramshackle kind of a place that had seen a lot of life, now consigned to history as it closed  six years ago. Here is one of those photos. An exhibition of them is currently being shown at DKUK, a hair salon that doubles as an art gallery.

There goes the neighbourhood!


Desmond’s Barbers in Peckham

Desmond’s was the name of a barbers in Peckham and its exterior was the one used by the eponymous Channel Four sitcom that used to make us laugh in the late 80s, early 90s. I visited Desmond’s a few times. It was an environment with lots of character. Above is a snap of one of the well-worn chairs. Desmond’s closed a few years ago; the building is currently a print studio.

Throne chair in Peckham

Throne chair in Peckham

Blue Tit, a hairdressers, is new to Peckham. It is a palace of mirrors, lights and quaint dressing tables. And gorgeous chairs. It is, in other words, a splendid place. In time it, too, will develop real character.

But it makes me wonder about the neighbourhood. Will we go the same way as Brixton, and have our very own champagne bar any time soon?