Three Opposing Pets

In a basement flat off the Finchley Road, a Siamese cat, an Alsatian dog and a rat called Horatio lived with their owners, Jason and Arabella, known as Bella. Jason was a small-time dealer and Bella used to be an aristocrat, at least that’s what I heard. About the only thing they appeared to have in common was that both were short. Not so bad in a woman, but you could see he wasn’t happy with it. To compensate, he wore special hand-made boots with Cuban heels, which gave him an extra two and a half inches.

When I visited, I’d try to minimise my own height. In any case, I have a natural stoop. He would sit in his chair – rather throne-like, somewhat elevated – in the middle room (the bedroom was at the front) and from here would sell hashish. Guests sat on a sofa which hugged the floor, leaving me with my knees practically under my chin……

Continue reading  this story on the Smoke: a London Peculiar site, where it was first published.

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