will the bus ever come?

Waiting at the bus-stop by a particular Tesco Metro in Peckham I usually look for a photo opportunity (despite the bags of shopping hanging off me) such as this one. The hoarding with its ever-changing ‘wallpaper’ provides a zany background to my series of photographs of people also waiting for the bus. Occasionally someone spots what I am doing and they glower. A hazard of street photography.


Stella artist

The Peckham Peculiar is a fab free local newspaper and sometimes I write a feature for them or take a photo. In the last issue I did both. The article is about Stella Cardew – I consider her to be the doyenne of Peckham artists. She was rather embarrrassed by this description but that is because she is modest, too.                                   http://peckhampeculiar.tumblr.com/post/131609025729/a-stella-career