Mum Before Me

I have curated (fancy word for organized) an exhibition entitled Mum Before Me where 12 artists have described aspects of their mother’s life before motherhood. The results are as varied as the artists. Since becoming involved in this project I have had many, often touching, conversations about the women who became our doting or otherwise mothers. Exhibition 24/25 September 2016

2 thoughts on “Mum Before Me

  1. Dear Joan
    Thought I’d let you know how the ‘Mum before Me’ impacted on me after viewing the exhibition at Nunhead Art Trail recently. I followed up by talking to my Mum (and Dad, actually) when visiting her in the care home. I knew some of the story but was interesting to fill in some details and made it really good visit, taking the focus away from care and onto her as a person. Thank you! Also, I visited Tate Modern’s re-fit where there is a floor currently dedicated to participatory artwork. I used the topic on a table set out for discussion on ‘stories of friends and family’ and a fascinating couple of hours followed chatting with strangers about quite intimate history.
    I was working down in the Beer Shop on the lighter (mostly) theme of ‘Beer Stories’ during the NAT so it was good to have a break to have the chance to see what you and other artists are doing.
    All the best

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