Loving a wallflower

My relationship with my blog has been on a long sabbatical. Frankly, I’d lost my way. Writing about Peckham and posting a picture was what I did, mostly, and I don’t want to do that any more. Yes, Peckham will pop up, but I think now I will focus on small word sketches. BTW if you want a Peckham fix, check out http://joanbyrnesnaps.blogspot.co.uk/

Here goes. It’s grey out there but on the edge of my garden is something ochre, mustard, maroon, like a star-shaped stone on a ring. It is a wallflower. Wallflowers are bought as half-dead-looking  plants with muck on their straggly roots, which you stick in the earth and forget until they bulk up and make flowers. I like not knowing what configuration of colours they will produce. This one is all the more precious for blooming on an ashen day in December.

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