Go mad @ Womad?

After a gap of about a dozen years I girded my loins and went to Womad. In that time it has moved to a different location but in many ways the festival is similar: a marvellous celebration of world music. But I thought I detected one difference. A paucity of eccentrics! A lot of punters appeared eccentric; they were dressed oddly, faces painted, wore flamboyant wigs and temporary tattoos, etc. And this year some of them even wore tails, animal tails. The first guy I saw with a tail sprouting from his backside and reaching to his feet was amusing. After the 32nd, it was boring. It seemed to me that people had bought eccentricity, but did they possess it? Of course, when characters in The Archers go to music festivals (a recent plot device involving lust in a tent!), they’ve irrevocably lost their outsider image. And so they have.

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